Active-TV Technology develops software for the smartphone, tablet, TV and PC user

  • Digital marketers use our solutions to bring Web 2.0 technologies to smartphones and TVs
  • Consumers enjoy the richness and variety of video on sites like YouTube or the BBC iPlayer on TVs anywhere in the home

Active-TV Technology creates and sells apps on the Apple app store
  • iPhone users have access to RSS feeds, social networking tools, and personalized search capabilities
  • Enterprise users can access real-time data streams, updates and collaboration tools

Active-TV Technology develops Web widgets for TV and STB manufacturers
  • Networked-TV viewers enjoy streamed Internet-TV channels and eCommerce opportunities
  • Our multi-platform architecture facilitates social networking and consistent personalized settings across multiple devices 

Embrace the digital convergence challenge today! 
  • Active-TV Technology will work with you to develop smartphone and tablet apps
  • We can develop your own Internet-TV broadcast channel or enable your TV to receive Internet video

For more information, please call or email us.