Graham Kinahan

Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development

co-founder of Active-TV Technology, Graham is responsible for recruiting digital ecosystem partners and driving the definition, development, marketing and sales of iPhone/smartphone apps, networked-TV widgets and Web 2.0-enabled video streaming solutions.

A former Booz & Co. management consultant, Graham has held leadership executive positions at HP, AMD, DoubleClick, and France Telecom.

Graham received an Executive M.B.A. with honors from Auburn University, a Ph.D. from Tufts University, M.A. From King's College London, and B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a frequent speaker at trade shows and digital media events.

Graham brings tremendous energy to Active-TV Technology's mission to promote a multi-platform architecture that combines social networking with the richness and variety of Internet video, and helps consumers embrace the digital convergence challenge.