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What is Active TV technology for the PC?

This web page is mostly for technical developers. For market discussions please see the
blogspot. A longer article describing the basics of the active-TV support for the Windows PC  is also available.  There are links in this website to several active-TV PC technology collaborators. However, some like to keep their developments under cover.

See the section
Installing files for the quick steps required for the TV-web channel installation.  A ‘channel’ or TV-website can be viewed on any active-TV technology-enabled TV or Set-Top Box (STB), such as the upgraded D-Link DSM-520.

A PC-website is accessed and navigated through using a keyboard and mouse; TV-websites are navigated using just a TV infra-red remote. A TV-website cannot be completely displayed in a Windows XP browser as the former is formatted for a Media Center Edition (MCE) PC or active-TV technology-enabled PC. To support these PC-website, the extra components have been removed so as to make the TV-web channel compatible with the Windows-based browser normally used to display PC-web pages. There is more information on this at the active-TV technology
blog site.

 Under normal operation, the video ‘window’ is highlighted and the ‘enter’ button is pressed on the TV remote to cause the video to go ‘full-screen’.

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