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About Active TV technology for the PC

Instead of being tied to satellite or cable TV broadcast schedules, Active TV lets you watch your favorite content when you want to.

Active TV merges your PC with your TV, and expands your Internet viewing beyond the PC, to include the TV. You can bring TV web channels to your living room from around the world via the Internet. Your TV infrared remote control lets you operate everything the easy way – no need for a mouse or keyboard.

See something that interests you on your PC? Now enjoy it with your friends on your TV. You can easily create, launch, and share your own TV website with your wedding, birthday party, holiday, children’s sports photos and videos – all seamlessly assembled into an Internet-accessed TV-web channel.

Active TV also expands TV viewing choices for both content producers and consumer. Content producers can now reach viewers directly without first going through major
studios and consumers can now get beyond limited choice TV from their provider by accessing Internet-based TV content.

Using the latest desktop or notebook PCs powered by AMD multi-core processors, you can now distribute Internet video to multiple TVs around your home. Surf and watch Web videos without sacrificing performance.

Active TV Collaborators

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