Internet video for PlayStation 2

Active-TV Technology collaborated with BroadQ to add internet video viewing to the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2).

BroadQ also partnered with CodeCodec to add advanced video codec support to the PS2. CoreCodec is a supplier of codecs and media players for cell phones. The partnership enables the PS2 to display YouTube video using the H.264 video format. The superior performance of CoreCodec’s codec enables decode of near HD quality video resolution. BroadQ demonstrated their QTV branded TV interface running on the PS2 at CES January 2009.

Pasted Graphic

The TV UI uses a Lua Script implementation developed by Active-TV Technology for BroadQ. This Lua version enables the PS2 to operate “standalone”, without any PC assistance being required.

The application of the PS2 to view internet video from the living room TV is significant, given the greater than 120M units sold by Sony (see America Still Plays More Ps2 Than Xbox 360 and Wii Combined) . BroadQ plans for QTV, include support for video distributed by the emerging key suppliers such as YouTube, Hulu and more.