Use your iPhone or iPod to watch big-screen TV

The latest Navigate YouTube iPhone/iPod touch app brings news reports, entertainment highlights or full-length movies directly to your TV -- no mouse clicks or monthly service fees required.

Full-screen video appears on the TV when it is connected to an iPhone or iPod touch via an Apple AV Composite Cable. Apple’s cable design does not replicate the entire mobile screen. The touch screen is used to start-stop-pause-step play or return to normal iPhone/iPod operation.

Thousands of individuals and companies such as Independent Television News (ITN), PBS, PBS NewsHour, Associated Press (AP), Discovery Networks, Film Movement, France 24, France 24 (English), Lionsgate Films, and OpenFlix, to name only a few, have YouTube channels. These channels contain a dizzying amount of uploaded videos, playlists and connections to other interesting video.

“Navigate YouTube” enables playlists or video channels to be watched in sequence with TV-like freedom -- no need to continually click a mouse or screen. It also makes it easy to find and subscribe to new channels. You can also exchange video recommendations with friends, or piggyback on their playlists and channel subscriptions.

An iPod touch can effectively be turned into a Set-Top Box for watching TV.

So, lean back in front of the TV and sswatch the latest internet-delivered video, uninterrupted by mouse clicks. All without any monthly service fee.aa feen